Saturday, May 12, 2007

Storytelling and Advertisement

CBC Radio One hosted O'Reilly and the Age of Persuasion, by Terry O’Reilly (not the more notable Bill O’Reilly). Basically, Terry O’Reilly talks about how storytelling, in addition to being entertaining as fiction, can also convey information.

He explores a bit of the history of advertising, noting how early advertisements were bland price listings. He explores the (in the United Kingdom) famous J.R. Hartley ad. O’Reilly finishes by predicting that storytelling will become an ever increasing part of the advertising world, replacing gimmicks.

Storytelling is being applied in literature, with the new genre of “Creative Nonfiction”. There’s some weak evidence to support O’Reilly’s prediction. It’s true in this case, at least (the ads very moronic, I known).

Nevertheless, I’d have to say that these new “storytelling ads” will be coupled with the annoying gimmicks and disinformation most ads already contain. This is better propaganda, for sure.

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