Monday, May 14, 2007

I’m Supporting Doer

A week away from the election, and I’ve only commented once on it! Being a Manitoba blogger I really ought to give more commentary.

In his two terms as Premier, Doer’s made some progress. The MTS Centre, with a reduced seating capacity of 15,000, was added while he’s been Premier. The renovated “Millennium Library”, added under Doer’s watch, has stimulated a fair bit of intellectual culture in Winnipeg.

The 2004 employment rate in Manitoba was optimal. Doer’s kept the NDP’s connection to organized labour in tacked, something every Dipper should do (pace Bob Rae). Manitoba Hydro didn’t go down the toilet of privatization under his watch.

Doer’s won my support for the simple reason he’s running on tuition rebates. These 60% tuition rebates will be awarded to graduates who stay in the province. This’ll inhibit youth leaving the province, something Manitoba toils with.

The fact Doer plans to expand on the arts, downtown, and library is just icing to the cake.

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