Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clean Air Act

In a previous post, I was very pessimistic about climate change. However, there is some hope.

The hope involves air quality. Air pollution is quite different from other climate aspects; it’s easy to notice. Anyone who’s been in a metropolis is familiar with air pollution. Contrast this with other types of climate change, which will take years to become noticeable. Therefore, you’d expect voters and hence politicians to pay more attention to air quality.

The issue of air quality, more precisely of the Clean Air Act, threatens to cause an election. The opposition parties (Liberals, NDP, and BQ) want levies or carbon credits for businesses not meeting emission reduction targets.

Well, the Tories have conceded to some of the opposition’s demands. The Senate Committee’s version includes the carbon credits for businesses.

It hasn’t past yet, but this is a sign of progress.

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